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A note about myself

Something I've mentioned before but I should mention it again:

I am absolutely shitty with shipping. It takes me awhile to ship things. I get things drawn and scanned pretty fast but when it comes to sending them I'm horrible. Not /so/ horrible that if you e-mail me I'll ignore you, hells no. I always respond and will attempt to get things out in a timely fashion especially if I'm being nagged to do so (and I won't snap either unless you're being decidedly unpleasant).

However recently because my dad kicked me out and I had to move, I'm still getting squared away and haven't sent out owed artwork/conbadges/Thorn Doodles booklets. I apologize =(
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Nov. 8th, 2005 05:26 pm (UTC)
I've got the same problem but with less excuse for it. By the time I get shipping organized the post office is closed, and Then I'll lose track of it the next day. It's also easier to wait a couple weeks and bring a batch of packages instead of going to wait in line every time after one thing is ready to be shipped out.

Best of luck getting reorganized!
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