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What are some of the better ways to advertise yourself for commissions?

Without selling yourself short that is...

Ok so, I'm terrible terrible when it comes to selling myself to get commissions. And no matter what, even if I post the process of things, my do's and don'ts, terms of service, etc on the same page (spaced and broken for readability), with examples and such, I can't seem to bring in any customers. Even when I tried to keep things shorter (while trying not to leave too many things open to be taken advantage of), things just end up being too much. (Though I am considering having a separate page for TOS, what I will and won't do, etc...)

With all commissions I've been able to get in the past, I always make sure that whomever's inquiring is as close to 100% as possible on all the details and the progress of how things will pan out, regardless of how many notes, emails, etc it takes (usually it doesn't take more than a couple days be it time zones, life, etc.)- all this before accepting any money or starting any work.

I know a few things that will also play a role is:
1) Style
2) Audience (those that watch you and commissioners are looking for from you)
3) Turn-Around Time

Because I've come to the conclusion that if someone wants something that bad, they'll pay for it. (However proper pricing helps too.)

When I asked my watchers what they were most interested in, it ended up usually being my more expensive stuff (often times full color with a background, etc). But I always offered stuff on the cheaper end (sketches, lineart, quicker things), but people just don't really bite at those.

Even after getting their opinions and (serious) price ranges of how much they would pay... when I finally do get the chance to open, it's crickets.

Granted I'm not as fast as others, I've made sure to keep my customers up-to-date for when there's been actual progress done. And they had more than one way of contacting me if they ever had any questions or concerns. (More than just a few lines added that is.) And only with two scenarios have I had to either refuse or outright cancel the commission, where I refunded them. (I tried doing cheap emergency commissions, and that backfired, getting burnt out and I refunded everyone for the work I didn't do or full if I didn't even start- more so to get a clean plate and start over.)

At one point it's discouraging, despite I know I can improve in general. Thing is I seemed to get more commissions when I felt I was less in skill set versus when I felt I improved over time, even though the prices haven't really changed, if at all.

I haven't tried anything outside of users via FurAffinity and Deviantart mostly because I feel I don't have a portfolio strong enough for more professional things.

And if it means anything, while I feel I can do better in general, what's the point if no one's going to buy?

Sorry if this is rather long winded, but I'm just looking for opinions...

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