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Lost Contact: Borderdog/Shengoh - RESOLVED!

I guess this isn't a beware yet just a lost contact. I also really debated on posting this in general but I am not getting any reply from e-mails I send to her and am getting worried.
Added some screen shots of the e-mails sent and received.

I originally sent her an e-mail back in December for a Foam fursuit head when she posted this entry back in December

I Sent her a payment of 95.00 on December 5th.

After about a month I sent and e-mail on January 12th just to check in since I hadn't heard anything since I sent the payment.
She sent an e-mail back saying that she had me on her schedule to be finished ASAP

I had to send another e-mail on March 6th checking in again and to say that I was moving on April 1st so my address would be changing.
She replied and apologized for the wait and said it should be done around the beginning of April. She also said if I didn't want to wait she could refund.
I replied saying I would just wait until around the first of April and that it wasn't a problem.

I sent an e-mail on April 20th with my new address- Got nothing in reply to it.

On June 5th I sent another e-mail checking in again since I had heard nothing- I didn't get a reply to this one either.

On July 7th I sent another check up e-mail- No reply again.

After that I got busy with planning my wedding and didn't get around to sending another e-mail to her until September 20th-- I told her I was getting a bit worried and that I wanted an update of some sort. I have not received a reply to this e-mail either.

I had a few people suggest I post this here a few months ago but I waited. I am an extremely patient person but at this point I am just
feeling ignored.

I just sent her a note on FA just now (September 25th) as well. At least with that I can see if she has read it.

She replied fairly quickly to the note on FA and had my head finished within two days. She shipped quickly after finishing as well. I have the head in my possession so this is now resolved :).

Grabbed some screen shots of the e-mails. Sorry if the screen shots are a little confusing. Was trying to get them on my small netbook.










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