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Wolfie Remnant

In need of advice please!

Hello A_B!

I commissioned an artist (no names yet, I just want advice for now) about 3 months ago now for a simple pin-up of my character. When I commissioned them, I looked for any outstanding commission list and only turned up a short one or two person list, and the artist seemed highly productive so I was unworried about receiving the work. However since then the artist has continually accepted commission and trade work in stream and has completed the work in short order while largely ignoring the outstanding list of commissioners.

At first I did not mind, as I figured everyone deserves wiggle room, and doing personal art or side commissions mixed in with normal commissions is completely fine! But after waiting 2 months, I shot them a note kindly requesting an update as to when I would receive my work. I was re-directed to the que they keep in a journal, and was told to watch there for days they decided to make their official commission work days. The next day there was a header added to the commission list telling people to stop sending notes about them taking commissions in stream and that they had the right to do what they wanted with their days off.

So this continues, the header of the journal also said at one time they had bit off more work than they could chew, and that they were working to "fix this," but they refused to quit taking more stream work, which included pin-ups like the one I paid for. They also said that commissioners could "Set a deadline" if they wanted to, but I was hesitant to ask for one, as I worry rushing them may produce a lesser piece of art.

I sent another note about a week ago, kindly asking again how commissions were coming. At that point the artist said mine would probably be done by (last) Wednesday. But still nothing. Granted, this artist has been doing the outstanding commissions, but the behavior has really begun to grate on me. I don't feel that commissioners should be put on the back burner while new commission work is continually taken and finished in front of theirs. More recently they have elected to start up art trades in stream as well, with some trade work spilling into the next day's work.

TL;DR, I'm tying to keep my cool, as the artist seems like a genuinely nice person, and I really would like to be able to have a good experience as a commissioner as I rarely ever buy art, but I'm really getting annoyed with this behavior. I could really use advice on what to do. I don't want to anger the artist, but I'm not ok seeing them constantly take and finish new work in front of mine. Am I over reacting? I'm really unsure. I'd normally be fine waiting for months if there is a line in front of me or even if the artist just touches bases every so often.

I just need help here. x.x Thank you!!
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