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Artist I commissioned

I commissioned a furry artist, nice enough guy, good artist, well known and has alot of art up, fairly well known I suppose.

Anyway, I commissioned him back in March, of 04....and I know, kinda dumb, but, I was being patient, he had work issues, then was moving and this...and that...and after a year and a half, excuses don't really concern me anymore. I just want the pictures I commissioned him for, ya know?

Brian Wear's never been a problem from what I hear, all his friends say he's a little flaky, and flighty, but doesn't screw people over for art stuff.

So, being on the wrong end of a commission(I asked for my money back today, or the 2 pictures, he hasn't replied yet) I figured I'd warn others that he wil take his sweeeeeet long time, to get anything done.

Now, he's drawn lots of other pics in that time...other commissions, art for himself, stuff like that, so, yeah, did what I could to warn others about him. Nice guy, but...doesn't finish his projects in a timely fashion.

EDIT: I got a reply, he sounded very unhappy, that I asked for my refund or the pictures, but said he'd send the money back, he also mentioned he hated commissions. So there you go, if you want to give it a shot, feel free, but I seriously doubt he'll actually get around to drawing anything for someone else.
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