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Peppicatred / Felineattraction / Spike

Hello, everyone. I tried searching the tags to see if this person has already been reported here, and I can't seem to find a post on them. But, if another one has already been made I will be happy to append this post as a comment on it, and have this one removed.

This post is about a person who goes by many names, her current ones are:
http://felineattraction.deviantart.com/ - DEACTIVATED
skitzmix (her known name on furcadia)

In the past she has gone as Spike or some variant of it with numbers, I know she was banned from FA and then permabanned from FA for trying to dodge her ban.

The most recent trace she has done is of my own artwork:

Original can be seen in the following places as well as my FA icon. these images also appear in my DA, zodiacspothole:

And here is an image layover of the two:

She has blocked me on two or three of my DA accounts for calling her out on tracing in the past. her and I have also had a conversation in Furcadia about her tracing, some time back.

07/12/11 20:12:45 Zodiac: Answer me honestly. Why do you keep tracing?
07/12/11 20:12:59 Zodiac: Are you trying to troll people
07/12/11 20:13:08 skitzmix: i stopped, untill that one from dayna because she kept pming me on furc alt market
07/12/11 20:13:08 Zodiac: #So#Sl#Sp Draw me, I'm an art whore. [ <a href="http://is.gd/51tiK">ALTS FOR SALEZ</a> ][ <a href="http://is.gd/51tgT">Commissions Open</a> ][ WHAT THE CRACK MAN!? - <a href="http://is.gd/51tjh">Lol Zodi</a> ]
07/12/11 20:13:28 Zodiac: Why "did" you do it
07/12/11 20:13:38 Zodiac: Why do you keep "stopping" and then doing it again
07/12/11 20:13:50 skitzmix: i did that one of daynas because she pissed me off
07/12/11 20:13:52 Zodiac: And why every time someone catches you do you argue with them and insist you are not/
07/12/11 20:14:13 Zodiac: And, do you understand that these are all the reasons why people don't like you?
07/12/11 20:14:17 Zodiac: It really baffles me
07/12/11 20:14:20 skitzmix: because people are jerks
07/12/11 20:14:33 Zodiac: People are jerks because you are acting in a way that makes them not like you
07/12/11 20:14:35 skitzmix: i just want to be left alone :(
07/12/11 20:14:37 Zodiac: So they have no reason to be nice to you
07/12/11 20:14:44 Zodiac: Then why bother coming online if you want to be left alone/
07/12/11 20:15:00 skitzmix: i have a few friends in furc
07/12/11 20:15:02 Zodiac: You keep doing all of this shit to push people away but then you get mad when people treat you like shit
07/12/11 20:15:20 Zodiac: You can't just pull the kind of crap you have and expect people to be your friend
07/12/11 20:15:23 Zodiac: It doesn't work like that
07/12/11 20:15:26 skitzmix: Look ill try to be a better person. 
07/12/11 20:15:28 skitzmix: i know that
07/12/11 20:15:42 Zodiac: Well I have to be completely honest, I don't beieve you right now
07/12/11 20:15:45 Zodiac: If I ever see it, then fine
07/12/11 20:15:55 skitzmix: ok, but i swear ill change
07/12/11 20:15:59 Zodiac: But as of right now i have no reason to think you will do anything else than what you always have
07/12/11 20:16:02 skitzmix: if it means people leave me alone.
07/12/11 20:16:06 skitzmix: then i will change
07/12/11 20:16:15 Zodiac: People will leave you alone if you stop doing things to make them bother yo
07/12/11 20:16:25 Zodiac: But you pretty much set yourself up
07/12/11 20:16:39 Zodiac: its like you put a giant KICK  ME sign on your own back
07/12/11 20:16:43 skitzmix: im going to change i swear.
07/12/11 20:17:19 skitzmix: i did that dayna one out of revenge, and as you said, thats childish
07/12/11 20:17:49 skitzmix: wish me luck :P
07/12/11 20:19:45 Zodiac: Now that you have posted all of that you know if you ever post traced artwork again the shitstorm is going to be 10 times worse
07/12/11 20:19:57 Zodiac: Just FYI thats how the internet works
07/12/11 20:20:08 Zodiac: People are going to be waiting for you to slip up
07/12/11 20:20:08 skitzmix: i know that
07/12/11 20:20:29 skitzmix: I will stop this time i promise if it means the crap will stop
07/12/11 20:51:22 skitzmix: http://fav.me/d3nl2w2
07/12/11 20:51:27 skitzmix: its done

She has several other incidents of tracing in the past, and she is especially known by many for tracing/stalking Rynies, Pez, and many of their friends. Heres some screen shots I still have of past incidents, I'll find more of them if I can.

This image was traced from a drawing by Rynies, and we reported it. Either herself or DA chose to remove it, we aren't sure, and then she uploaded it again in a different color.

Here is a layover:

Again, I'm sorry if there is already a post on this person, I tried to find one and I couldn't. Please tell me if there has already been one made.
EDIT MARCH 19th 2012: Since this post, I have had NO contact with this person what so ever - up util around the time when she came posting comments on this journal. I did not reply to her in any of them, but she chose to come into one of my streaming sessions and bring things up - I kicked her and she came back repeatedly with the subject. Finally, she left but returned under a fake name - first pretending to be curious about a situation this pretend person 'knew nothing about' - then defending peppi in a matter of minutes having suddenly become fully informed on the subject. I have a bit of log from the incident, but I don't see any reason to post it, but I can if it is necessary.

I know that as usual, she has claimed that she is no longer tracing people, but as I have said in comments I will not believe this til I see it in action for a long, long time. What I am about to share with you is not exactly a case of direct tracing, but I am sure you will see the kind of similarities that I do.

By her : http://felineattraction.deviantart.com/#/d4syzsn  
( Will replace with a screen shot, if she deletes this post )

( View the screenshot here: http://i43.tinypic.com/6p16r7.png )

My Character : http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5938647/

As you can see, the quality of her drawing is not traced. But if you cannot see the similarities between the two, I am sorry but I would have to say you are either blind, or extremely optimistic. Given her past for tracing and copying others, I think it is a safe bet to say that yes, she is copying (or at least trying to imitate ) my art/style/character design/whatever you want to call it. Do I care? No, not in particular, if she wants to continue to be passive aggressive and unoriginal, then so be it. But, I thought I would update this post for everyone here, lest you be tricked into believing she is truly changed - she has not. 
Tags: art theft, artist-peppicatred/felineattraction/skit, beware
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