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Question About Selling Copyright

I realize this has been asked before, but looking through the copyright tag I can't find an answer for this in particular, so I apologize for the spam but we're freaking out just a little.

So, officially, we are getting our first commission!!

It's sent from the mother of a friend of ours, and she's asking us to design a new logo for a motorcycle club her boyfriend is joining that is 'similar, but more unique' to the current logo. This logo will be the face of the club. It will be on all merchandise they sell, like jackets, shirts, hoodies, etc. The club itself is quite large, with chapters in 41 US states as well as other countries globally.

Specifically, this is what she emailed me:

This is a Motorcycle club that [Boyfriend] is joining. What they're trying to do is get a unique design for t-shirts, hoodies, etc., that they can sell.

So, the design needs to scale large enough to be seen when worn on a t-shirt. It needs to be simple enough to be silk screened onto a T-shirt easily.

We're emailing her back just to clarify if it's for just his chapter or the club as a whole (in the first conversation she had she mentioned the whole club, but we were both pressed for time so she made it short), as well as a quote (which she requested) for the logo and mentioning that the copyright would be additional.

Since it's going to be a black and white image, we were considering at least $100 for the logo itself (although this might go up. The size she says they want is H: 15" x W: 12" and able to silkscreen on t-shirts), but we're stuck on the copyright. If it is was just for her, we would charge less seeing as we've been very good friends with her son since we were all in junior high, but this is possibly for the entire club itself, and we're not sure what to do.

I know a in previous question it was suggested that $300 minimum would be good for the copyright but I'm not sure what to charge for such a large company (can this be considered a company?)

There's also the whole 'similar, but more unique'. We're going to ask if she means they want the same image but stylized (which seems to much like plagiarism for us to accept as it is tbh) or a similar theme but completely new picture.

Any idea what else we should add?

EDIT: After contacting her, it's been clarified that the logo is just for his local chapter, and just a skull. Not anything to do with the logo on the club website (we thought that because she gave the link as an 'example', but it turned out not to be the case).
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