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Update: skullgrrl

I had hoped that this next weekend I would post a "resolved" post but when I got home from my aunt's funeral tonight I found this message in my inbox:

She refers to a bad-dealings thread on where the only new message I had posted in reply since posting here and getting to see this dispute nearly resolved was a link to her artists-beware post, pointing out how she had reacted to it. That was going to be my last post concerning her, plus the resolution post when I did get my plush. It seems the post was removed, and I have a few PMs on those forums urging me to post my warning again as my own warning, and not Bob's (I had only been replying to his post about his bad dealings with her to share my own).

Then I found this beauty:
(eta: gender slurs and threats of physical violence in link)
the top thread is from her fanpage on facebook and the very bottom of that image is from At the top she mentions giving me a day or so, and in her facebook PM the only thing she asks for is me removing my posts.

The images explain themselves, I think, but as I suspect from my first post on her:
her local fans are up in arms.

I am unsure what to do at this point. Thoughts?

ETA: Rereading that thread, I do want to clarify the "stay at home artist with no kids" comment that gets mentioned about the other forum as it seems to be lost on some critics: I meant that she was just a stay at home artist, and could not use kids as a valid reason for not working as that would be an understandable reason to me.

ETA2: Re: "wasn't allowed in skullgrrl's group" message below (frozen by mods, due to insults), I was a member and left of my own freewill for personal reasons and then got harassed for it:

ETA3: so after being temp-banned here for her behavior, she posts this:
She makes some untrue statements in the comments as well as the main post, though that should be obvious to everyone by now. If there is a comment or statement she made that you want my side to just let me know. She does mention that I apologized to her here in the comments for some reason but I did not do that, at all, as can be seen.

ETA4: she deleted that post on furhideandbone. It got to around 40 comments (that I have saved via email if they're needed for whatever reason), mostly of people telling her to cool off. She deleted it and reposted this:
So here is a screen cap of the "witch hunt" she deleted from there:

ETA5: I'm in the coffee shop now with nyaro and have picked up the plushie. Plushie-wise, this issue is resolved now. I'm in love all over again, it's like when I first got Babette who is my favorite ever.
Tags: advice for commissioners, artist-skullgrrl/deadthingsgrrl/custom c, resolved, trade

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