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Commissions and conventions

I wrote this a while back and would like to know if anyone has advice on what else to add? I just want to help may friend who's new to conventions and such. Its also just general advice for me since im going to furfright soon and i want to be prepared XD

how to commission people at conventions

* Print references or descriptions of your characters *
whatever you have that can be used to depict your character correctly!

* Print a contact sheet *
make sure that you give the artists your contact information! this can include any or all of the following; Phone number, email, deviantart account, furaffinity account, livejournal account, im, etc.

* Write the artists contact info down *
Make sure to mark down who you commissioned and for what to avoid misunderstandings!

* Ask the artist about their terms of service *
the artists terms of service isnt only there to protect them! its there to protect you too! ask them about their refund policies, their turnarounds, and anything else you may have questions about!

* Write down what you want *
if you want something specific then make sure to write it down somewhere for the artist!

how to take commissions at conventions

* Ask for contact information *
dont want the hard work to go to waste! or what if you need to contact a commissioner for details or to ask a question?

* give contact information *
Dont let the commissioner forget that they commissioned you! That would cause a lot of problems later on!

* make sure you and the commissioner are on the same page *
make sure they understand what they're paying for and pay the correct amount of money for it!

* print out your terms of service *
Make sure your commissioners read and agree to it. best way of doing that is having them sign it, of course!

* take references *
im sure you dont want to draw your commissioners character wrong!

* dont overload yourself! *
make sure you can finish all of your commissions in a reasonable amount of time! Dont take too many!
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