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No communication/incomplete commission/past 45 days for paypal dispute

WHO: FA user Battenburgcake [nsfw/adult account BloodSugar]


WHAT: 2 full digital pieces

WHEN: Inital note, agreement and paid on April 8th 2011. First commission received May 20th. Second commission still not received, August 31st 2011.

Initial Commission offer:
Artist accepts commission:
Payment proof:
First note send asking about commission status:
Note read by artist:
Other notes recently sent and no response:

I commissioned Batten for two pieces, a one character and a two character, on Apr 8th, 2011, 11:02 AM. The total came out to $25 and I paid it via paypal in full on Apr 8th, 2011, 11:01 PM. I recieved my first commission May 20th and since then I have not gotten my second piece or heard from the artist after sending them notes to both accounts. I don't mind if it takes the artist a while to complete something, because I understand things happen outside of our control sometimes, so long as they let the commissioner know what's going on, or that it's going to take them some time/they will be unavailable etc. However, I haven't received a single note from them or a reply to notes I have sent them. Since it's past 45 days, I can't dispute it via paypal -_- Any advice? :s I know it's just $15 but that could have gone to a more responsible artist :S
Tags: artist-battenburgcake/bloodsugar, beware

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