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Warning; Possible Scam

I was contacted by zerosonic on FA for a commission. They had asked for my prices, and I told them. We had a lenghty discussion, and many, many notes on their subject and set up for their commission. Like all commissions I take, I asked for the payment once we had decided what the commission would be. The price did not change from the price I gave him at the beginning, which he agreed to.

He replied with a simple 'ok', so I figured he had sent payment. I checked the next day, because I had been using my Wii. He hadn't sent it, so I sent off another note asking if he had, that I hadn't gotten it, and if he hadn't sent it, to do so. I got another okay in response.

So I sent off another note being a little more firm, telling him I require payment within 24 hours of the agreed commission and that he would have to send it or I would cancle his slot. Another ok.

Lastly I fired off a 'slot cancled' note, and he responded that he didn;t have the funds to pay for commissions right now. I have no idea if he was trying to scam me or not, but I figured I'd put a warning out anyways, as I have been scammed in this exact way before.

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Aug. 30th, 2011 03:10 am (UTC)
Either take full upfront or half upfront, do half the work, then ask for the other half. You still have the possibility of being scammed but then you're paid for the work you did do.

I don't think it's easier or harder. I took upfront when I first started and did fine, but it also depends on the price. If it's high, people won't want to pay full, just in case. Plus, tons of popular artists have scammed others, so I wouldn't personally say that being a newbie would make it worse.
Sep. 1st, 2011 04:04 am (UTC)
Right now I only have a draft for my prices, but yea, my more detailed and time consuming ones are pretty pricy. It's probably best if I require full pay upfront for smaller price commissions and split the larger ones like houndofloki suggested.


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