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Warning; Possible Scam

I was contacted by zerosonic on FA for a commission. They had asked for my prices, and I told them. We had a lenghty discussion, and many, many notes on their subject and set up for their commission. Like all commissions I take, I asked for the payment once we had decided what the commission would be. The price did not change from the price I gave him at the beginning, which he agreed to.

He replied with a simple 'ok', so I figured he had sent payment. I checked the next day, because I had been using my Wii. He hadn't sent it, so I sent off another note asking if he had, that I hadn't gotten it, and if he hadn't sent it, to do so. I got another okay in response.

So I sent off another note being a little more firm, telling him I require payment within 24 hours of the agreed commission and that he would have to send it or I would cancle his slot. Another ok.

Lastly I fired off a 'slot cancled' note, and he responded that he didn;t have the funds to pay for commissions right now. I have no idea if he was trying to scam me or not, but I figured I'd put a warning out anyways, as I have been scammed in this exact way before.

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Aug. 31st, 2011 02:12 am (UTC)
This happens all the time. I don't think it really needs to be on here, since if he was trying to get free art from you he was using a really lousy tactic. I get this more with my non-art sales... People will ask me to hold items until their paycheck comes i. Maybe 20% of those people ever actually get around to ordering anyfhing. This happens a lot with buyers in their teens,
Sep. 1st, 2011 12:54 am (UTC)
Disagree with the people saying this isn't scammy. I'm sorry, but if you agree on prices and then just say 'ok' to all notes before being pressed and THEN saying 'I don't have the money', that is shady. Either they knew right away that they didn't have the cash or something emergency had happened to them, in which case they could have sent an 'ok - sorry I can't do this, emergency'. It's basic adult responsibility.

I see where people want to chalk it up to poor communication because somehow that is acceptable, but look at how many cases are in this community where people have commissioned folks and then had 'emergencies' where they couldn't pay. The sheer amount of people that do work w/o payment is astounding...if just 1 of 20 approached artists do that, well worth the time of the scammer to give it a go.
Sep. 1st, 2011 01:11 am (UTC)
I think it's giving the general public too much credit to assume this person would know right away whether or not they have the money. I've seen so many people in this genre end up in debt because of art impulse buys or because they just don't pay attention to their finances, that I would not be remotely surprised if that were the case here.

That said I don't personally think it makes it any more "acceptable" if the person was just disorganized vs. trying to scam the artist. I mean sure it's less actively shady, but I still don't want to do business with someone who can't take things like payment seriously, regardless of whether their lack of action is intentional or absent-minded.
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