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yet another update on this:

The short: No, i still have not recieved what I paid $400 for. And her list of excuses for not sending anything off just grows longer and longer (first it was her screwed up kid, then money woes, and now her husband who turns out to be a lovely rolemodel for the kid by being a felon).

The long: In one email on her yahoogroup she states:

>But this person said one thing and then disappeared without a word and
>expects a lightening fast response on my behalf? No email, no
>warning, no "hey I couldn't send it off". Nothing. Anything. It's
>better late than never; right?

She states this again later, painting an ugly picture of me where she's wrong, I paid that plush off within a month and replied usually same-day as she. I can gladly provide a PrtScn/Screen-shot of my paypal account (important info blurred off the page ofcourse).

>Bare in mind I did replied to every email beforehand, yes I did. Gave
>updates accordingly. No payment as they said they'll pay, no reply
>until several weeks later then its *POOF* here's the final payment;
>now SEND IT OFF NOW!!! Type thing. My luck school had started.

yes, she was fast when she wanted the next payment, but once that July 11th payment, the last one, came, she now takes WEEKS on end to reply.

She also tried to bunk me with:
> Well jezus fucking christ man.
> No one reads my commission page do they?
> The thing hasn't changed for what, two years?
> And yes this order was made around that time. And that was the
> commission that said "I will pay at ???? time and never did until a
> GOOD while later. No email, no "hey I can't do it", nothing.

I had that $400 to her within a MONTH. My paypal reads: first payment was made on June 9th and the last was made on July 11th. And a web page with those called rules is fine but when she contradicts them in PERSONAL EMAILS is when it becomes a problem (like lieing about it being nearly done and shipping very soon).

She also said:

> Enjoy your box of wires fuzz with a cat head and enjoy.
> It was a rushed project. Read the commission page- it states this
> well but no one reads. Estimated commission completion,

As those of you who read the other posts (link above) you know as well I do she said it was just about done aside from minor details on the 11th of July and would be mailed shortly. Now she's telling me she's no where near complete and will be sending me a total piece of crap?

Before all this: September 6th I finally get a reply to my Sept 3rd asking a SECOND time for a tracking number. She says she'll do it. I email her the 10th, 16th, and 23rd asking where the tracking # is. She replies the 24th with:

"Haven't had the chance to send it off yet-
ASAP as in as soon as possible-

Sorry for the extreme wait."

Last personal email from her.

Back to this week: she posts saying she is "thinking of" offering refunds. I don't know about you all but to me that says she more than likely hasn't even started my piece (and if she has, where's the proof?). I'm reluctant to take a refund for so many reasons: A. if she does send me crap it's another piece of proof against her, B. I didn't spend over 2 (3?) months fighting with this eejit for nothing, I want what I damn well paid for, period.

Yeah, I'm stubborn.

EDIT: when i find the time here and there i plan on documenting this whole ordeal in a web page, every email, every yahoogroup post concerning it, every paypal payment, everything. beginning to end. why? well, i've given up on every recieving what i paid for at all, and i'd like a permenent place to store all the info. if you've had similar woes with her and want in, anonymously or not, email me please. a few already have emailed me just to let me know i'm not alone but requested to be anonymous... if i could convince you to participate in the site (again, anonymous if you like) please say so.

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