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Advice: Paypal Invoices and TOS


Another one of those "advice" posts concerning artists and commissioners.

Looking through the paypal tag I swore I saw the topic of 'invoices' brought up but I must've dreamt it or something. There is one though it didn't highlight anything I was questioning so~

While I was revamping my terms and prices I wanted to ask about paypal invoicing[goes to the paypal site]

For artists:
1. Do you use it?
2. If not is there any reason? [Even "I just never considered it" is ok.]
3. If you do is it convenient or have you had any troubles in the process? [From your side or a commissioner's complaint?]

For commissioners:
1. Have you ever been sent an invoice for commission work?
2. Did you find it easy or difficult/troublesome?
3. If you've never been sent an invoice -would- you mind if an artist used this to get payment? Or do you prefer logging in and sending it yourself?

I'm sure there are other questions or things people can answer that should be considered on the topic, so feel free to say~


And the personal gibberish for why I ask:

I've been revamping my terms and prices etc as I said, I'm reverting back to using GBP as a base instead of approximating the USD equivalent, the currency conversion changes way to much as of late. Though I'm wondering if it might be easier to invoice with the amount, as I'm sure most of you know the occasional person refuses to read properly and I get "Oh I thought you meant $20 not £20". This is immensely rare I know, so I doubt I'll start seriously considering invoicing unless it does happen more than the occasional slip up D8

Admittedly the other worry is commissioners not having the funds at hand. I state in my new terms it's best to have the money before applying for slots but half of the cases I received in the past are "I get paid later in the week could you wait a bit?" Which I don't mind, as all they get is small preview sketches before paying then a finished article and it gives me time to dish out more sketches and get ahead of the queue while I wait etcetc~

Apparently the invoicing system works that you can send "reminders" and I'm guessing you can set a deadline date when to stop requesting and move onto others in the queue which seems reasonable though I've not seen any information one what happens if a commissioner doesn't pay by that date?


Also if it's allowed and if any have time it'd be awesome to get some crit on my revamped terms, I was planning on not cluttering this post but I was going to ask later anyway D8 if it's ok with the mods. [Else I can edit and remove if not~]

[Might be NWS nothing explicit, undetailed nudes though!]~Clicky~

Any crit on the layouts would be welcomed too!

I'm not used to writing terms/walls of text so it feels immensely long as it is, hoping it's ok and covers everything important...

Thanks for reading my gibberish~!
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