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Warning: skullgrrl

eta: update post here:


WHO: skullgrrl, deadthingsgrrl, custom cranium, cephalobot

WHAT: Trade: I sent her a box of supplies in exchange for other supplies and a doll.

WHEN: The first emails I have are dated March of 2010. I received the box of supplies from her in mid 2011 (I think around April, I know it was after my March advice post which is linked below). I don't have an exact date as I no longer have the box the stuff was mailed in and my memory fails to give an exact date. I have yet to receive the doll.

PROOF: Sadly, most of this went down in texts but here is the screen cap from when we began, some of the discussion also happened in communities:

Towards the end of that screen cap I resorted to texting since she was constantly claiming my emails weren't appearing in her Inbox. I know it's generally not advisable to do so, but it was a last resort.

Several times I tried to use android market apps that promised to mail out your SMS messages in an email to you. I even tried just emailing the messages one by one to myself (touch-hold, then select fwd txt, then email it) and none of these worked, my email never got a thing. Not even in the spam folder. I've also suffered a few phone crashes this year that lost all my saved texts. Here is what I do have:

Me: so when do we wrap up our exchange? (June 27, 2011)
Her: as soon as I'm done with your Simba :) (June 27, 2011)
Me: Can I get a time table for the simba? Any wip pics? (July 3, 2011)
Her: I don't have wip shots, never take them. We are in the middle of a major construction project, id say another week since right now I can't even get into my studio (July 3, 2011)
Me: So what's the word now, a month.5 later? (August 15, 2011)

No reply so far.

In spring of 2010, I approached skullgrrl for a trade. It was initially lots of materials for one of the dolls she makes. Since then we added a few more things on her end (some supplies). I even sent the doll she could tear apart to make it (she takes old dolls and remakes them into skull-dolls), and a description of what I wanted done to it. Since I sent the supplies it has been like pulling teeth to get some communication from her and any of my half of the trade.

A few months ago she shipped me what she says was part of her side of the trade, and she said another box would be due as soon as the doll was finished. I still have not received it, and it continues to be like pulling teeth.

I also know she has done other work in this time period from a Facebook fan page for her dolls. After I brought my first doll of hers to a con, a TON of people here started to buy them and then made a fan group for her dolls based in my city. She has posted to that fan page about the work.!/groups/217696271578092/
I also seem to recall posts made there about custom work, but my memory could be playing tricks on me. I know I have heard through a fan-page members friend about custom work (but that is just word of mouth from their friend to me).

I have posted here twice for advice on this situation, without posting anything specific:

I thought about doing that again because I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and I've been a bit hesitant because of the possibility of upsetting her local fans, but I am not sure what else advice could be given and I've had enough; I am tired of having to send multiple messages just to get a response from her, and getting yet another excuse why it isn't done.
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