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Art4Love = Major art theif

Do consider reading this.

It's an article talking about a fellow who goes by the name of Art4Love (on his websites) A.K.A. Chad Love-Lieberman is stealig art from people on DeviantArt / FurAffinity and profiting (in the hundreds or even thousands) off them as large scale "Oil paintings". in fact "he sold more than $350,000 worth of art during one four month period." Sourse:

More links are provided in the DaAuthor's journal:

He even claims to have gotten the OK from the artists featured and has a "Certificate of Authenticity" on his website. Rubbish.

In this article he basically says we should be grateful that he's gaining money off our art instead of complaining about it.

EDIT: He has "hidden" his website from public view but you could have added this IP address to see it ( in replace of the website name; But it seems that is gone now as well. He is in the process of moving his work (Now not working).

EDIT x2: More useful links to this man's websites and some lists of his stolen work are here .

Edit x3:Outside websites are taking notice to the Theft and are spreading the word.

This is claimed to be his current hiding place: (notice on the far left how few categories he has now compared to before )

And why not add more to the list of wrongdoings. His books may have been plagerized.
His Books:


Here is a clear list of the artwork stolen and from whom. A constatly updated list. (thank you SeetheCee)

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