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Lost Contact: BlizShadow

Hello, first time poster but long time off-and-on reader.  I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about an artist by the name of Blizshadow or his supposed brother TheFurryFelon.

I ask because I commissioned Blizshadow for a picture that was to be a surprise gift for a friend, back in April of this year, and have not heard back from him since May 2nd.  On April 27th he said he could have something done for me to see in 2-5 days, but I had received nothing yet as of the last message on May 2nd.  On May 12th he made a journal post on FA claiming that he had mutiple tooth-aches and that was the reason he was slow on art for now, and that he should be back to it the following Monday.  Monday never came.

From the look of his FA Shouts I'm not the only one on his commission list that's been looking for him since then.  Notes have gone unanswered.

I only paid a small deposit, so I'm not too offended by the turn of events, but I was curious if anyone else had issues with him before or knew anything else about his situation.  If he's simply vanished from existance then I'd just like to know so that I can cross the commission off as a loss and find someone else to commission for it.  If he's simply moved to another site and forgotten to mention it, then I'd like to know where to find him or would apreciate any information anyone might have about how to contact him. 

Thanks for any help or information.  :)

Edit:  08/20/2011
My inquiry to the Mods on FA turned up a response.  According to them, BlizShadow was last online a Month ago and TheFurryFelon was on a week ago but from a different IP than before.
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