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Prints advice

Not a beware at all. But if there was a good place to ask this, A_B is the place.

I'm just curious to know if people here give their commissioners a high dpi, printable version of commissions or if they just make the image at their comfortable file sizes.
Do people often ask for printable versions of their commissions or is it just a given that artists should work at higher dpi for the purposes of printing?

I know some people like to print out their commissioned pieces to hang on their walls or whatnot, but i wanted to know if a lot of artists either just draw normally or not.
I'm not sure how i want to go about this myself. In the past i've done higher dpi pieces but it didn't seem like it was that big of an issue.
This is for digital media, in case anyone is confused.

I'd appreciate any advice/input/thoughts. :B
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