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Advice for Comic Commissions

Newbie here! First post, please let us know if anything is incorrect.

We're very very new at this whole commissioning thing. We've got our TOS almost worked out, and our prices pretty much ready. We haven't posted anything anywhere yet, as we have one question still up in the air.

We like doing comics, and have done them for Big Bangs in our fandoms. We'd like to have that available for commission purposes as well, but have no idea how to price it.

Per page?
As a set?

It would differ from black and white to grayscale to color but we honestly have no idea where to start.

Say, for example, someone commissions a five page comic. Should we charge per page the same rate as five individual pieces or should we discount it like someone buying multiple pieces in bulk?

If a commissioner doesn't have a set page limit or idea of how long it would be, should we charge for hashing out thumbnails of the story?

An example of both black and white and color comics (link leads to a DeanCas Big Bang fill from last year):

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration.
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