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Not understanding.. now what?

This is more in need of advice than anything. I have a fellow from a little over 2 years ago. The commission was going rather smoothly then suddenly they disappeared. Almost a whole year past without hearing from him and my notes to him were left unanswered. I tried to contact him several times, asking if everything was alright.... A year and a half passed, coming up on two years, during that time I sent a few notes stating that if no contact was made I was going to have to cancel the commission if non response was given (as stated in my TOS if no contact is made for over a year 2 warnings will be given, each within about 2 weeks of each other then I will terminate the contract, salvage the suit, and open the slot up)

About 3 months after I send the termination note, they contact me back, wanting to send another payment. I confirmed with them that they got the notes. They had and still wanted to know if we could continue. The suit was more than salvaged, most parts used for other costumes.  After discussing with them about the ordeal, I had the impression they understood and I never heard from them again until just a day or so ago they are once again trying to contact me about the commission. What do I do?  I don't want to be rude but I don't want to stray from my TOS either. He's been a nice customer so how can I put it in a way he will understand?
Tags: advice for artists, fursuit
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