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Am i the only one?

Hello ladies and gents,

i'd like to post up something for those who might be experiencing the same thing. i feel like i might be the only one in this ordeal but if there are others that have commissioned this artist and got the same results, please provide any thoughts / help on how i can either get my money back, or the commission in question completed

WHO: Gideon (FA http://www.furaffinity.net/user/gideon/ )

WHERE: Midwest Fur Fest : Dealers Den, Chicago, IL

WHAT: traditional sketch commission : 60$ - two character sketch

WHEN: Midwest Fur Fest : Dealers Den , 2010

PROOF: only proof is my word on the situation as there was no exchange of receipts, or contact info other than my room number

EXPLAIN: i commissioned Gideon, a well-known artist among the furry fandom, for a 2 character, traditional sketch commission back in 2010 while i attended Midwest Fur Fest 2010 in the Dealers Den. the exchange was quick and easy, and i provided him with all of the necessary details of the commission of the two characters (One of my own characters, and a friend's character). i gave him "full artistic freedom" in order to free him of the burdens most artists experience when a commission comes onto their plate and is detail-detail-detail.

i had commissioned him Sunday morning, and he said he would most likely have it finished by the end of the night (end of the con that night) and would gladly stop by my room to drop it off. i was up until 2am waiting, no art was delivered.

i sent a series of notes over the span of this year since, both with a follow-up request, and another note on FA with the finer details of the commission that i had requested to remind him of which. I paid up front IN CASH 60$ from the start and i was even willing (after MFF 2010) to provide an additional 5-10$ (depending on cost of shipping) to have the original artwork sent to me via normal mail.

still, no responses were given in regards to my notes.

i  ran into Gideon once again while at Anthrocon 2011 (just recently) and chatted with him to remind him once again of the details of the commission. he seemed shocked at realizing that i was the commissioner from a little over a half a year ago. he said it was done and requested my email address. i wrote it down on a scrap piece of paper along with the details of the sketch, the price, along with my alternate email. he stuffed that piece of paper into his wallet and apologized profusely. i told him i understood as he probably was busy and thanked him for the time.

since Anthrocon, i have not received any emails to either of my accounts, and the note i sent him a week or two ago on FA is still showing as "un-read" on my outbox link.

-- -- --

if anyone has any idea on how i can get a legitimate contact through to Gideon to handle this situation? i would really like the art i paid for but at the same time, if it was merely a ruse to get money then i would like a refund from him. Midwest Fur Fest 2011 is coming up...and i would hate to have to deal with the situation in front of other artists that he might be sitting around. i would handle the situation as i have thus far; in a calm and mature, adult-oriented way, but having been waiting a year for a mere sketch of two very easy and unrestricted characters, i would say that i was jipped by this artist.

if anyone has any tips or recommendations, or any contact refs that i could get a hold of Gideon directly outside of note attempts on FA, it would be greatly appreciated. my friend and i would like to see this commission sometime soon or at least to see me get my money back to put towards an artist that will deliver.

thank you all for your time
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