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USPS Panic: $300 Tracked, Insured Package MIA


This isn't a beware, this is more of a what to do kind of post.

I shipped out a package to Arizona on Aug 10, priority mail. I also shipped out several other packages at the time, to different locations. I know priority mail isn't guaranteed, but my huge problem is -- my commissioner's parent (I worked along with the minor and the parent on this one, went very smoothly) emailed me to let me know that my tracking numbers were not working and the package didn't arrive (it should have been there by now). I insured the package for $300 against damage or loss, and tracked with delivery confirmation. I looked into the system and triple checked the numbers - both do not exist and are "not in the system" while the other packages that I shipped were either en route or delivered. 

As you might imagine, I am very freaked out right now, and I'm not sure what to do since there is no record of my package in the system at all. There isn't even any record of it being accepted at the post office, while there were for the other packages I sent. I still have all receipts, the stubs from the post office postmarked with date and time, paypal receipts to prove value, pictures of the item, everything I need for the claim.

What do I do? I don't want to wait to file a claim, but should I give it an extra day or two? I'm really, really worried since I have absolutely no idea where my package is right now. It could be sitting in the wet corner of a sorting facility for all I know, it could have been destroyed, it could have been opened and dumped out... heck, it could be on its way to Alaska for all I know.

Plus, I don't want my customer to be upset because her expensive costume is missing. What do I do? 


As suggested I hustled my butt over to the local post office. All the tracking was within their internal system, though the tracking for the confirmation and insurance were not available online. The package is currently at their local post office 0.5 mi from their house waiting to be picked up or rerouted for delivery if they have a change of address on file.
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