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Artist Beware(?): Crystal Fox

In 2010, I asked to do a  trade with a user named crystal-fox, a small scale one at that. She noted me saying she had no problem with this and could do it shortly.

I finish my end in Feruary 2010: (the one with the red background).

Months go buy and she tells me she has a broken hand and can't do art for a bit. I say okay and wait a little longer, but now  she stops replying to my messages. Then in December of 2010 she starts posting a bunch of art, and even is offering free art to others. Annoyed, I send her a PM asking what has happened to my own trade.

I get no response,and since April she has dissapeared completely. So,I come here to ask: has anyone else seen this person anywhere?

I would have posted this sooner but I had forgot about this community for awhile,my apologies.

I find this upsetting as I have never encountered this issue before and she seemed to eventually just flat out ignore me. Did I do something wrong here? :c
Tags: artist-crystal-fox, beware, lost contact, trade

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