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Do not trade with: Imutani

I don't know if warnings about trading with others is allowed on here, but this person seems to have burned a lot of people and I'd like to forward anyone else before anyone else does free artwork with nothing to show for it.

Who: Imutani (
When: June 15th - August 12th, no contact, given up.


Imutani contacted me on June 15th asking for a trade. I told her I didn't have time for anything other then a sketch trade, but then ended up inking it and uploading on June 24th ( I heard from her long enough for her to tell me she liked the image, and upload it into her gallery. Her last activity is on June 29th on her profile.

However, I did send her a note on July 4th, asking for an update, or even contact regarding the trade, which she read, and then I sent another one July 13th, warning her that if she did not respond to the notes she has read, that I would post here, or involve Admins. I told her I didn't care if she needed more time, but she needed to communicate with me, be it that something has come up and she cannot complete her end, or that shes having a hard time completing her end.

July 30th I sent one last note, which has not been read. I did contact the FA admins, and they basically blew me off and said there was nothing they could do about it.

So its now August 12th, and I've given up, and at least want to warn other people that this person seems to really enjoy going out and getting art trades with other people, and just not completing her end of the deal. There were three of us total posting shouts on her page, one of them was deleted it looks like now there are just two (Two from me, one from another person).

Some of you may feel I am being too aggressive about this, and maybe I am to a point, but heres my deal: I don't care if it takes you a year or more to complete a trade, as long as when I send you a note, and you read it, that you respond. Or at least communicate in some manner with me so I know you haven't just scammed me into free art. Be that as it may, I understand if people get a bit touchy about this.

Thanks :)

Tags: artist-imutani, beware, trade
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