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Difficult Commissioner Followup!

Here's a follow up post to my situation with a difficult and demanding commissioner:


MSN conversation following his post on A_B: (I did not initiate this conversation, I have them timestamped as well! Copy/pasted directly from my save file of this conversation)

I am Poppy Pandacoon on this specific MSN address. I have blanked his name out for the moment.

________ says (9:26PM)


Poppy Pandacoon says (9:27PM)

Because I felt it necessary, I didn't just put you there for any reason. If you read my post it mentions you being difficult and pushy, which you were, :/ No offence meant but i'm treating this entirely like a business relationship throughout this not just friendship.

________ says (9:27PM)

Well thats idiotc, you owe me that money in full not just 'PART' of it like your gonna give me!!

Poppy Pandacoon says (9:31PM)

I said I would only give you a partial refund DUE to the fact that it's a custom artwork, not a store bought piece. I am not a bank, I worked hard on this and deserve some payment for what i've done, completed or not. So no, you will more than likely be getting resources and 25% back from your payment of $150 minus shipping costs of what is completed as I do not have the space to keep this, unless you want me repainting it and just remodelling said character so I CAN sell this and make a profit. So half of the $150 is $75 materials. You can get that back. Plus 25% of $75, the artwork cost, which is $18.75. $10 shipping due to its size, you wanted tracking and insurance. So that brings your refund to $83.75 if you still want it. Thats still a fair amount to be getting back.

________ says (9:33PM)

I dont WANT that tiny refund i want all of it!!! And i want the art caus its my personal charater, not YOURS to resell!!


Poppy Pandacoon says (9:35PM)

Well i'm sorry but you want that refund and I can't really pull that out of nowhere. I'd be redesigning said character to sell as this completed artwork if you do not want it with your partial refund. OR due to how close it is finished, I can just fully complete it for you and send it to you fully framed up and ready to go up on the wall. I'm happy to refund you in installments like I have mentioned in our texts, or to finish this artwork. I have the next few days off so I can complete it and send it out for you, unless you want me to give you the shipping ($10) back and you can come pick it up directly.


________ says (9:35PM)

Thats bullshit!!

Poppy Pandacoon says (9:36PM)

Look, I either want to finish this piece for you or make a profit that I can refund to you. I'm not TRYING to be a pain, or a selfish person, it's just that I worked hard on this for you, and I did not cancel it of my own accord, you did. Im happy with whatever option you pick, okay? Either way it can still be completed by your August 25 deadline and you can have it before then.

________ says (9:53PM)

Fine. finish the artwork and ill pick it up on 25th. I want the shippng back in cash.

Poppy Pandacoon says (9:54PM)

Can do, i'll make sure I have the cash for you. I'll chuck in a bag to put it in when not in use/moving as I know you move alot :) I'll email you completed pictures of it done and framed by August 24. At this point no changes can be made. Thanks for understanding my point of view.

(Taken directly from MSN, 10/08/11, texts are still not transferrable but I don't think they are necessary.

I admit it was hard to stay cool :/ I'm guessing this friendship between him and I might be over at this point, but I stood my ground and i'm proud of myself for what i've done! I managed to at least calm him down to understanding. From my last comment on msn, I was later blocked and he ignored all messages afterwards. I'll be giving him the address for the shopping centre down the road for him to pick it up from, I will be with my partner incase. I gave him this option as he might have preferred it, which he did.

Thanks for the support A_B, it really helped when I needed it! Once I find a few of his screen names, then I will post them. For now I feel I should not post his real name.

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