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Lost Contact: Queen of Saiyans

I didn't even think of asking about this on here until now. Anyway, queen-of-saiyans.deviantart.com/ commissioned me for a Persian plush. It took me about 1.5 months to get to her commission since I had taken on a bit too many (I've finished all outstanding transactions by now) and they decided to take payment plans for their plush. I've tried noting them and emailing them (or the paypal email I had), but neither leads to anything. I know they haven't been on DA for a month now. I only have 30 dollars from them and they still owe me like 100 dollars. I ceased work on their plush until I can contact them (it just needs the head details).

So does anyone know anything about where I can contact this person? It did take me awhile to get to their plush due to my back log, so I'm not sure what happened in that time :c I haven't heard anything from them at all. Any help is greatly appreciated! I don't know if they're anywhere else on the net, either.

If I can't get hold of them, would it be too drastic to finish their plush and sell it off, then refund them their 30.00? For the record, I've been trying to get hold of them for about a month-ish or so now, but apart from their DA, I have NOTHING to go on :c Thanks for your time!
Tags: advice for artists, comm-queen-of-saiyans, lost contact

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