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How to handle being posted to AB

You've Been Posted to Artists Beware... Now What?

Artists Beware can be a powerful place. With thousands of members and readers, that is a lot of people who will see your name. It is completely understandable the stress, frustration, anger, worry, and anxiety having a beware posted about yourself may bring.

However, many times it is not the actual post on its own that will ruin a reputation. Instead, it is how the artist or commissioner reacts to it. This post is here to help you figure out what to do if you end up here, and want to smooth over your newly ruffled reputation.

  • First thing's first... DON'T PANIC. Walk away and calm down before coming back to respond. Bewarees are always welcome to share their side, but they must follow our rules like everyone else.

  • When defending yourself against factually untrue claims, do what you can to show proof as politely and calmly as possible. Share (appropriately censored, see our FAQ)screenshots to prove your claims.

  • People want resolutions, not excuses. Ultimately, accepting currency for a product or vice versa is a business transaction, and your personal problems have no place in it. These are now obligations, and this applies to art trades as well.

  • Be respectful and polite. Members will pay close attention to how you respond. A positive response accepting responsibility will earn you the same. In turn, a negative reaction will result in a negative response.

  • Do not ask/demand/blackmail/hint for the OP to delete the post. If things are resolved, we have a 'resolved' tag specifically for that, and the OP can update their post to reflect the resolution. Pressuring the OP to get the post deleted will end in permabans for both yourself and the OP if they do so, and the post will be reposted, making it clear what has occurred.

  • Do not send people to harass the OP for you. This is one of the quickest ways to sour your own reputation, as people will notice an influx of people they'd not seen previously posting and judge you accordingly.

  • Ultimately, your goal should be fixing the problem and earning that Resolved tag.
    This is also what we want from the community, and we love it when we get to mark a post as resolved!

  • Understand that AB isn't a drama group, but a resource for artists and commissioners. The members of AB work with the information they're given at the time, and they will be honest, even if it's not something you want to hear. If you've made a mistake and are genuinely apologetic and work to resolve the issue, the members will remember and respect that.
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