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Beware: Cosfurs/ Koisnake + Yowulf

WHO: Cosfurs / Koisnake and Yowulf (previously Roleplaywulf)


WHAT: Growlithe Fullsuit

WHEN: Details were agreed and first payment was made Jan 2009.


At this point I have amassed records dating from the initial deviantart notes from the estimate given and agreed on dating Jan 17, 2009, the first payment and confirmation Jan 22, 2009--- as well as all communications for the transaction through deviantart, gmail, livejournal and twitter account (under cosfurs only, not their personal accounts) and the paypal receipts until today.

I am more than welcome to share my proof at any given time / as requested.


Back in January 2009 I had commissioned them for a digitgrade fullsuit to be due mid May later on that year for a convention.

Communication stayed prominent whenever I had a question or inquiry. All payments and items (the stuff I sent to them- and the materials they were waiting on from distributors) sent were confirmed each time they were received.

Long story short, the most I ever saw of it was the fur bought for the project.

Time passed, great communication but no progress. It was about a little more than a month before the original convention (March 16, 2009), and I had paid an extra rush fee to get it complete by said time.

This didn’t do much of anything. The convention came and went and no visible progress.

This is in part due to the fact that I still had others ahead of me whom had earlier completion dates, and still hadn’t received their things or were in a similar predicament.

More time went on. Future attempts to complete their backlog and to organize a completion listed failed. This was most of the year 2010, where about three to four orders (that were more than tails) were completed (at least what was posted as completed). So far in 2011 there has been one that’s been in progress for a head order that was restarted since March of this year. This was due to the improvement of their abilities, which has honestly shown.

March 21, 2011 – Via LJ comment, I agreed to take on a refund for my suit, including the rush fee as well as the return of my items (the 2nd DTD I had sent earlier because I felt the other one wasn’t as well made and shoes).

May 23, 2011- In an email, I thought that without the rush fee I hadn’t completed payment on the suit. And looking at their recent prices, thinking that they hadn’t changed, with the rush fee included the suit would’ve been paid in full.

But looking at the initial note and quote, the suit was paid off, and the rush fee was in fact a separate fee. I wasn’t told otherwise and recently just noticed myself.

Later on in a series of replies, Jun 3, 2011 I was able to get my first installment the refund. Because of their current way of giving refunds (posted June 13, 2011), this is the only payment I’ve received so far this year.

Granted through all of this time they have been through some troubles that would understandably have an affect on their progress and such.

And admittedly, they have answered the grand majority of my emails, notes, comments, etc. and have kept up communication throughout these couple years to date.


Some things made me a bit more irked however.

Throughout this time they had no problem taking pictures and posting new editions to their fan collections. This was regardless if it was big, small, rare, or custom made. Based on some of the descriptions, it was easy to tell that the tally added up.

However also during this time they have sold from their collection to make payments on refunds to others, including selling materials from those who chose to get refunds instead (mine included).

They have also offered other items in turn for reimbursement, but I declined them because I chose money instead.

Another peeve I had was that they had no problem working on their own personal cosplay prior to conventions that they wanted to go to, but inevitably didn’t (most anyway). This was with the claim that they could keep up with their other commissions. (And in some part it may be true. But I have no proof otherwise.)

I was intrigued considering the cost of the materials either necessary or they were using. This including at one point a quadsuit of the Final Fantasy 13 creature Panthereon, some parts being of fiberglass. (This was worked on from April – July 2010 when its construction came to an unforeseen end.) By far though this wasn’t their last cosplay that they had announced either for themselves or others outside of their commission work. Whether or not these other projects were started is unknown as there was never project shown of these projects.

A final irritation was how often they would commission others when little to no progress was done within their commissions. This lessened later on when they started issuing refunds to customers. Granted to my knowledge they weren’t always expensive- but it’s not to say that it could’ve been put to better use.

Now, bare in mind, I don’t mind people buying things for themselves or having nice things. It’s more their practices in combination with there of that made it seem a bit more rotten in my eyes.

On multiple occasions I have sent my personal distaste in the time it’s taken to get things moving, and should’ve posted this a long time ago. I know I’m not the only one.


With a final note though, I can honestly say that not once have their replies have ever been rude, impolite, or nasty in anyway. So I can give them that much. (Though I do believe to my understanding I was speaking with Koisnake the majority of the time, but as one they were a business.)

At this moment in time, it’s been about 4 months altogether that I haven’t received my dtd and shoes yet.

And so far 5% has been refunded.

In short, it's been a really long time, and this isn't the first time my patience has run out.
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