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Need advice please

Hello, I've been a lurker on here for a while and would like to avoid making a beware but it seems a current commission may be headed that way.
I was hoping to get some advice on the situation as I'd like to avoid posting/drama.

I commissioned a foam head base over 2 weeks ago and the commissioner said they would have it to me by this past weekend. Aug. 5-7.
It is not here and the con I need it for is this coming weekend. I gave her until the 9th to get it to me.
After a semi rude journal she posted I got curious, also because I never get updates unless I ask her and borderline bug her for them. She promised pictures Friday but never posted any of mine but did 3 other commission pieces.

Turns out she's been on here 3 times before...

If it's possible give me some advice on what I should do in this situation?
Tags: advice for commissioners, fursuit

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