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The Onco Project - work for exposure

This is NOT an advertisement. This email was removed by my spam filter, and I consider it to be a risky endeavour that could leave any gullible young artist disappointed, hurt and possibly out of pocket, so I felt it belonged here.




Project Manager – The Onco Project


Where: Approached via email from Epilogue . Can not find a website for this proposed project.


What: they request work for an rpg. Payment is exposure on undisclosed sites/media.


Proof: Original uncut email


“We saw your portfolio on Epilogue and thought this might be of interest to you:

Graphic Artists are needed for a project that will garner a good amount of exposure among online RPGers.

Interested parties should have a portfolio of previous work ready to present for perusal.

Successful candidates will be asked to produce full-colour illustrations of RPG characters to be used in an online context from a set character description.

Credit for said work will be circulated through social media and will appear on the website associated with the project.


Please use the e-mail address below for further inquiries.

(PARTIAL) e-mail: XXXX@eastlink.ca


Thank you for your time.

We look forward to hearing from you,


(Name removed, initials only): S J H

Project Manager – The Onco Project

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