teh aplacolups beastie colleen (kuwaizair) wrote in artists_beware,
teh aplacolups beastie colleen

how to tell someone they only own the art

I know I asked this a few years ago, maybe it can be archived.

with the very few people who buy art off of me, one paints at the same place I do(for lessions/workshop) the man likes to collect some art, and has some things from me. He said he'd buy more if I do things he likes.

it is good, it is just I do not know how to properly let him know that he dosen't get the copyright with the artwork. I don't want to sound like a nudge, brat, ninny or any other name you want to use. Or sound nerotic, overly worried.

or is it a case of, "it only counts IF, it is included"?
how does one let a buyer know that "copyright ownership does not come with the art"?

unless it was set up that way and they pay extra for it. Don't you need paperwork for that?

should I also put in tags for this?
Tags: advice for artists

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