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Beware: PoisonousVixen

This is in regards to the following post: (Thanks again to all those who gave advice!)

There's also another account which appears to be an alternate account of hers on FA, but I don't know if I should mention it as I'm not 100% sure!
WHAT: This minor beware is with regards to their rude behaviour and disregard to T.O.S.

They have been banned on FA for art theft/ban evasion. I don't know any exact details of this, I'm afraid!
However, the following comment provided me with further info on her, and perhaps why more details/further bewares on her may be needed:

More screenshots of her rude/curious behaviour (Note that NONE of these are related to or directed at me! Just providing more proof to back up my case):
Also; these are rather interesting and contradictory: Screenshotted from her (Banned) deviantART account.

Of course, I can't really speak for any of this, as they're not my personal experiences. However, I felt I should provide more proof of her behaviour as I don't have many screenshots of the rudetowards me!


This first part is about the commissioning process.

I don't have much to go on with this, as I (stupidly) deleted the notes in question. In short, I just wanted it over with and to get it off my mind, but in I regret it. So for the first part, I just have a 'my side of the story' as such.

Poisonousvixen approached me for a commission, explained what they wanted, payment sent, all without a hitch. They were very kind and polite at this point - lovely person!

It wasn't until the commission was completed that I encountered problems. After sending the file, Poisonousvixen was incredibly rude about the corrections that they wanted. They kept talking about how I'd gotten their character's colours wrong (She said something about 'My character is blue, not turquoise'). She then proceeded to send a note entitled 'List of things wrong' and stated how unhappy she was with the commission and the many things she wanted me to correct. I apologised and fixed what she wanted to the best of my ability. After which...she suddenly, and simply, sent a note which said 'PERFECT!'. Confusing.

Upon uploading it to her FurAffinity gallery, she didn't link back at all - something which I ask of in my TOS and something which just minutes before, I'd asked her to do in a note, and she'd agreed to. I posted a comment politely asking if she could link back to my original submission and/or my FA page, as I had originally asked her. I remember her asking 'Why?' before deleting the submission (Presumably to get rid of my comment?) and reuploading it correctly...but with a few rude words in the description about being 'spammed' in the comments. Confused, I just left it be. I can never be bothered to deal with rude people, and it was at this point I proceeded to delete the notes...learn from my mistakes, I guess? Ugh.

This latter part is with regards to my TOS.

In my TOS, I state that I only allow re-uploading to FurAffinity galleries. I also state I'm happy to make exceptions to this of course, but only if people ask for permission first, and give clear links back.

It came to my attention however, that Poisonousvixen had uploaded my art to their SoFurry and Inkbunny galleries, without my permission and without asking...and with no credit or link back whatsoever. I know it's only a minor thing, but I thought I'd best let them know that they hadn't asked for permission and hadn't linked back to me.

I proceeded to make an account, simply so I could report the images to the admins. I posted a comment on the submission, which read:

"Hi there,

I didn't give you permission to post this on here...could you please remove it? Thank you.

(Screenshot of this comment, with cropped out username and userpic: )

I don't have a screenshot of their original submission however, as she deleted the image almost immediately. Within minutes...she'd reposted it. Here's the description under the new image:

On the plus side, I now have a link back. But...the coldness and the rudeness in the description utterly astounds me. Reported the submission to the admins again, still awaiting a response.

A while later, I found this comment thread under the submission:

Rude again, and also incorrect. Edited out the top person's username, and will edit the userpic out if requested!

In short, Poisonousvixen was incredibly rude and showed a disregard to my TOS, even when I spoke to them politely. Quite a few people have mentioned their problems with her. So hopefully this post will spread the word and warn people to stay away!

Let me know if anything's missing and I'll edit to the best of my abilities. Apologies again for the lack of screenshots on the first part! :(
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