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Flighty artist.

 WHO: http://kura-ou.deviantart.com/ http://suzaku-ou.livejournal.com/

WHERE: Initiated contact on teenycom post, did business over dA notes.

WHAT: I ordered a lineart of a new character that had never been drawn before. We agreed on the price of 15$.

WHEN: Ordered the lineart October 24th, 2010.

Ordered the commission October 24th 2010, paid on the 25th.
Checked up on the status of my commission on November 15, 2010.
Checked up on the status for the second time on December 2nd, 2010, received a WIP. I asked for changes to be made.
Checked up on the status of my commission for a third time on December 29th, 2010, received a second WIP. There were a lot of things that I asked for at the very beginning that were ignored/forgotten, and for some reason the slot for the tail that was in the sketch disappeared in the second WIP, so I asked for that to be put back in. I never got a reply to this note.
Checked up on the status of my commission a fourth time on January 29th, 2011. I noticed that they made a teenycom post asking for more commissions after telling me their scanner wasn't working, so I hoped they had it fixed and we could move on with my commission. This is also left unanswered.
Finally, the note above is answered on April 15th, 2011. The commission still isn't finished and I felt very snubbed being ignored while they kept trying to sell commissions. I asked for a refund.
We had a back and forth about me asking for a refund.
Continuation of above. Tired of arguing and tired of them, I conceded and agreed to let them finish my commission.
Checked up on the status of my commission a fifth time on August 1st, 2011. Currently unread and unanswered.

I'm just irritated that it's taking 9 months to get my commission, especially when it looked almost finished in the second WIP. I'm obviously not going to get my art or my money, but I want to post a beware, and ask for some advice.

EDIT 1: Here's the photobucket album that includes to two WIPs.
EDIT 2: After posting this entry, the artist has contacted me.
Artist's beware has moved!
Do NOT repost your old bewares. They are being archived.


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Aug. 3rd, 2011 07:10 pm (UTC)
If they're still continuing to take commissions while not completing owed pieces, that is a problem. Have you contacted teenycom's mods about this?
Aug. 4th, 2011 04:09 am (UTC)
I planned on contacting their mods after gauging a_b's reaction. I'm kind of afraid I might be overreacting, the artist themselves implied as much, so I was unsure.
Aug. 3rd, 2011 08:47 pm (UTC)
yikes! Sounds like they didn't wanna read you pms and run off with your cash. It pisses me off to see that artists like them take on more commissions when they had tons of other owed

I'm definitely avoiding this one like a plague
Aug. 3rd, 2011 08:47 pm (UTC)
Aug. 3rd, 2011 09:54 pm (UTC)
Wow, that's a bummer. e-e I understand he whole art block thing, but nine months is a bit extreme. And refusing a refund after all that? It's just unprofessional and unpleasant.

By the way, could I see the WIP? o.o I'm a bit curious.
Aug. 3rd, 2011 10:28 pm (UTC)
"And refusing a refund after all that? It's just unprofessional and unpleasant."
- I can half see where she's coming from in WHY she's refusing it, as she HAS done some of the work and maybe thinks it's reasonable for her to keep it, but equally - what's the OP going to do with a nearly-but-not-quite-finished WIP?
Aug. 3rd, 2011 10:37 pm (UTC)
Well, in one of the notes the request was for a partial refund, with the already-done price taken out. For a nine month wait, that's rather reasonable, imo. Unless I"m reading it wrong, which I might be...the text is tiny. xD
Aug. 4th, 2011 04:07 am (UTC)
Sorry about the size, didnt realize how much photobucket shrank it. Gonna fix it next time I'm on my computer instead of mobile.

I originally asked for a full refund, but after taking into account that they DID do some work, I said I'd be fine if they did a partial refund.
Aug. 4th, 2011 04:16 am (UTC)
Shoot, I forgot to link to the album that had the WIPs. I'll be sure to edit that in as soon as I can. But the second WIP looked like a finished product, putting aside all the details the artist forgot that I mentioned at the very beginning. But it was very small, low-rez, basically unworkable.
Aug. 4th, 2011 01:21 am (UTC)
Her last journal entry on DA was in April. Sounds like RL has kept her away from working on art...

Good luck with this chick. I doubt you will get a finished pic, but try to at least get the WIP and maybe a partial refund.
Aug. 4th, 2011 04:13 am (UTC)
I'm pretty sure her three latest art pieces were done in June, which I forgot to mention. I can understand IRL things, but posting up three recent artworks- and I believe it was implied that they were done recently, not just posted recently- that are fully inked, coloured, and shaded but being unable to finish a lineart is a little suspicious to me.
Aug. 4th, 2011 06:31 am (UTC)
Ouch. Thanks for the warning. I was thinking of commissioning this artist but I'll be avoiding them.

Also, she has been on dA today. I looked through her favs and she faved a piece that was submitted about an hour ago. So she definitely ignored your note. =/

I hope you can get your partial refund or the art, it's a bummer you've had to wait this long. I'm not sure if she meant to take your money and run in the beginning since she did work on the piece, this just sort of looks like a "I'll ignore it therefore the problem will go away" type of deal. Doesn't excuse her actions, though.

Edited at 2011-08-04 06:35 am (UTC)
Jul. 23rd, 2012 04:57 am (UTC)

For anyone who sees this outdated post, this issue was resolved last August when I completed her commission (I even requested that a mod tag this as 'RESOLVED' last October), but the commissioner never updated this entry and this results in misleading anyone who recognizes my username.

I apologize to anyone who might have thought otherwise about my previous behavior but I am honestly making an effort to reform myself.

(Deleted comment)
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