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Eclypse/Leathurkatt sold me art she drew for someone else...

Edit: Got a DA account, sent her a note and gave her two page shouts... she ignored me. I can see she's responded to other people, and to one of them she said she wishes the trolls would shut up. >_<

THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF: http://artists-beware.livejournal.com/390145.html#cutid1

Eclypse of FA / Leathurkatt on DA


A Celtic pawprint badge costing $15 and paid for with cash and in person. I had the understanding that it was traditional, but I don't have proof of that.

I paid for it in November of 2009. The last I heard from her until this summer was in September of 2010, saying she would finish the badge and also try to send me at least $10. Then, on June 23rd, 2011, she sent me the... "finished product" in an FA note.

This started out as a situation involving an artist who was ridiculously flaky and bad at communication and never showed me any proof that she'd worked on my art. You can read about this part in the previous A_B entry about her. I had pretty much given up on her.

Then she sent me the finished product in June 2011. It looked NOTHING like what I'd asked for. I wanted a paw with the colors magenta, purple, and blue and some Celtic hearts worked into the design. I also asked for a name and paid for a solid-color background. But I was just so sick of dealing with her that I didn't bother responding at all.

A few weeks later, I looked at the image again and got suspicious. It appeared to be a recolor of another badge in her gallery, and the file name of mine had "cougar" in it. I looked at her commission queue and saw that another person had commissioned her for a cougar paw. I contacted this person, and it turns out the artist sent both of us the exact same image, which had been drawn for the other person's trade a year and a half ago. The image in Eclypse's gallery is a recolor of the paw she drew for the trade, not the other way around.

I should have realized right away she was a liar. When she sent me the completed image, she claimed that she finished the artwork, then lost it, and thought she'd have to start over again. The file she "lost" had been created in January of 2010. Well, in September of 2010, she claimed that she had the lines done and just needed to finish it.

The person who traded with Eclypse has been in contact with Eclypse on DA. I don't have the details of their conversation, but I know Eclypse has been extremely immature and rude. Eclypse claimed that she sent me the wrong image, then said what she did was completely acceptable, then blocked the person. I will let said person know about this A_B post, in case she wants to add anything to it.

I myself have not been in touch with Eclypse. I sent her a note on FA saying, "Over a year and a half since I commissioned you, and still all I get is the same exact image you made for someone else. Wow." She has not read it. If she doesn't respond here, I'll have to resort to getting a DA account, because she is obviously active there. I have no interest in her art after this mess and plan to demand a refund. I don't want to get a DA account just to chase after her but that seems to be my option.

In this gallery I have screenshots of the paw she sent me, the traced paw from her gallery, key parts of our conversation, her price list, and her queue. http://pics.livejournal.com/paula_mino/gallery/00008qs8 I hope this is an okay way to share the images.

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