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Missing Contact - Kouri / inkinferno / luchino / hachigen

 I really feel like I should post this here since this person is not responding to my notes on FA and I have yet to see the commissions I have paid for. I also in a way, kinda feel silly for posting this here since I only paid her $4.

Kouri / inkinferno on
Other accounts:
I commissioned Kouri on FurAffinity via this journal:
I commissioned Kouri for two $2 fullbody pictures.
April 13, 2011
Screencap of her accepting my payment in the journal:
Screencap of my Paypal receipt:
I first heard about Kouri via someone's journal who were advertising them and so I decided to check it out. They were offering two types of commissions: fullbodys for $2 and icons for 50 cents. I thought that was a great deal so I joined in on that and commissioned two fullbody pictures from her. I pay immediately right away and out of kindness, I also advertise her commissions as well in my journal and so all of her slots were filled in no time.
Then, a day later, she uploads the first commission and I thought, "Boy, that was fast! My commissions will be done in no time!" 
A few days pass, then a few weeks, so I decided to poke her on April 28th and see what the progress of my commissions was since she hasn't uploaded anything in a week or so.
Alright, she claims that one of my commissions is finished but she says she was having computer problems or something and had to wait before she could upload it.
Then, on April 20th, a few days after I had noted her asking about my commissions, she makes a journal saying that she is switching accounts to inkinferno:
I wait several more days and I still haven't seen the commission of mine that is supposedly finished.
She then makes this journal on the inkinferno account on May 7th, saying that she may just offer refunds to the commissioners.
I leave a comment saying that I was really looking forward to the commissions but I don't mind if she refunded me.
She claims that she now has both of them started, but that confuses me since she had told me a week or so ago before that journal that one of my commissions was finished? I decided to be patient and wait it out some more.
Then like 3-4 days later on May 11th, she posts a journal opening for commissions once again for Furcadia portraits:
And then posts this submission:
Apparently, she has conquered her artist's block and is now posting art again.
I do not hear from her again until June 26th, where she posts a journal saying she is LiveStreaming with one of her friends. She still has not uploaded any commissions from her Kouri account.
I decided to wait two weeks or so after that and I poke her again via a note.
The note is still marked as unread in my inbox:
I am just confused on what I should do. She has not responded to my recent note, and she has not been active on the inkinferno account since June. She has not posted any new submissions and I have not seen any of the commissions she has taken posted anywhere. It seems like she abandoned ship. I had no choice but to post this here since she appears to have gone inactive and I hope she sees this and manages to do the work she was paid to do.
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