Bawk (punkbawkchicken) wrote in artists_beware,

Question Regarding Shipping

For my pin-back buttons I normally charge $1.22 for domestic and $2-$3 for international shipping when a customer orders 1-20 buttons. Buttons I can do.

HOWEVER, I am now planning to sell items on my website ranging from buttons to clothing to posters, items whose size and weight vary greatly. I've tried to set shipping via weight and item type, but so far nothing I've done has been satisfactory (not to mention that the clothing will include pants, t-shirts, and shoes, so it makes things really, really difficult).

All-in-all, I've decided to set a flat-rate shipping price, but I'm not exactly sure what price would be considered fair to both those in the US and my international customers. Any ideas?
Tags: advice for artists

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