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Demand for printing services?

Hello! First-time poster from Canada here, looking for advice. :)

I recently got an incredible offer for a professional grade printer -- almost half off! I would need to sell 200-300 prints at $10 each to make back the cost, but I'd be able to print laptop skins, 17x22" posters, high-quality fine art prints, window decals, and more. Do you think there would be interest in the furry community? And what is the most that people would pay for shipping?

EDIT: Editing to say that I've read everyone's comments so far, and I'm doing some research as I reply. Keep the feedback coming! :D

EDIT2: It looks like I need to wait on this. It sounds like the printer might have major technical issues that don't show up for a couple months. Plus, I'd need to sell more like 400-600 prints to cover costs. On top of it all, shipping from Canada is about three times the price of shipping from the States. I can even ship from the US to Canada for less than I can ship from Vancouver to Toronto! :/

Thanks for your help, everyone. I'm glad that I figured this out before I bought the printer. :)
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