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The patiences has run out.

I have been nice, patience, and willing to give chances but not any more. I am here today to warn all of the two artists that have more then ran away with, between the two, over $1,000.00 USD of my hard earned money. The two I am referring to is a artist named Synxirazu-niam and another by7 the name of Jace. Both of which can be found on FA. Synxirazu-niam was commissioned as of now nearly two years ago for a amount of over $500.00 USD for two comic commissions and have yet to give a single sketch of any progress of working on it. However during our transaction together he did make a small change it the format of the commission and turned it into a flash animation project, with my agreement of course. He did so and so far the only thing I have seen out of it was this http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2876847/
. Notice the date of it being posted, it was posted after about two to three months after I had commissioned him. Since then nothing has shown up of any progress towards my commissions. I have countless times IMed him on his YIM account, gotten hold of him during his livestreams, and noted him through FA about it and I get the same ol sad story that he will start it, he will do it soon...ish, or that he will get with me on such and such time and date to have him not come online. SO if you commission him BEWARE BEEEEEWAAAAARRE!

Now then, Jace on the other hand has done the EXACT thing to me without so much as a single note, sketch, or anything about my art. He has since posted many new artworks, sketches and gift pics he has gotten or done on his FA account LOOOOONG after I have commissioned him. He was commissioned roughly around the same time I commissioned Synx, so you can agree with me that I am more then ready to give a rant about him and Synx. Jace has a bad habit of changing the subject as well when I ask him about my commissions to how he is depressed or heartbroken,. Sad to say I have even told him in these words before  "I dont care about your RL drama love life, you did a business transaction with me and so I expect payment for what I have bought in terms of art. That is my thought to it, put your RL drama aside and give me what I paid for or refund me the $500.00 USD." The quote may be abit of my thought during what I really wanted to say to him, but yea, it was close to that. either way BEWARE BEEEEWARRRRE!

Ok now that LJ allowed me to post the image I have of my paypal transactions you can clearly see the amount of money I gave him back in 2009, a wowing $530.00 USD.

My paypal transactions with Synx

And heres the Jace proof of how much I paid. And as you can see I have been a very nice dragon to wait this long from Jace to not have a single sketch flipped my way. Also note the black smuged spot near his name, that is there to protect his email accounts handler so trolls wont try to go and bomb him, but that is indeed Jace.
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