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Customer Beware

WHO: Erk Gloom
Also Known as: Erk Gloom/Erk the Crux/Erk the Hyena, Kantir/Kanaconda, Kantir Anaconda, Incaren, Qwhilla, Possat/Possatboi/Zero the Possat, Aneurysm, etc.

EXPLAIN: Okay, this is quite a strange situation I've gotten myself into. I had previously done art for Erk Gloom. Things went well, he paid promptly, but was a little impatient. Nothing too bad, and I liked working with him because I got to be creative with a lot of the works he commissioned. Over time though, he started getting mad when I refused free art. Increasingly he was rude and snarky in conversations as well.

Later, he reposted some of my work on Inkbunny, I allow this under my TOS, but customers must credit me as the artist and link back to the original. He did not credit me, and after I asked him to fix this he did go back and edit a few, but not all of his posts. When I asked him again to edit the remaining posting and he ignored the requests and I was forced to ask a mod on InkBunny to edit the remaining postings. (Around this time is when our friendship ended.)

Sometime later, Erk posts some additional old works he had commissioned, but not put in his gallery, in these posts not only was he not crediting me, he outright slandered both myself and my work. This is where things got taken too far, its one thing to forget to link back because every artists’ TOS is different, but to outright slander someone is another matter. I managed to get the works removed from InkBunny after going to a moderator.

A few days after the indecent on InkBunny I got a private message on Inkbunny from someone named Moonjava. I had previously gotten permission to draw her in a few pieces of art for Erk, though sometime afterwards she messaged me privately on FA telling me she was not friends with Erk any longer and doesn't want me to draw her anymore, and to remove my drawings with her character, or edit them and remove her name from the post. I did the latter, she was fine with that. She didn't seem to want art of any of her characters at all according to her FA profile.

Which is strange because 'Moonjava' on Inkbunny messaged me right away asking for art of her character. She also 'knew I was having an issue with a certain crux and she wanted to help work things out between us.' At this point the matter was private and no one else aside from myself, Erk, and a few of my close friends knew about it. So I messaged Moonjava on FA to confirm that the message I got in InkBunny was indeed from her. Turns out it was not her that sent the note, but instead it was Erk pretending to be her. Here's proof of her note, sadly I didn't get screenshots of the comments on InkBunny, and since then the Erk and Moonjava accounts on Inkbunny have been deleted.

Here's a cap of her note:

Soon after I had talked to Moonjava, I got a note from the user Spotz on FA saying that I had drawn a character of his without permission.The image in question was one of the ones Erk had commissioned, and when providing references he claimed to own the character. I apologized to Spotz and much like Moonjava, we worked out editing the pic instead of deleting it. I had one previous experience with Erk about this kind of stuff, but I sadly lost the note in the FA note leak a while back. He said the artist gave me permission to colour the piece, but I found out he lied about it, so for any future works I made sure to ask the artist/character owner/etc just to be safe.

Here's proof from Spotz about the character thing.

Since Erk got banned on Inkbunny for impersonating Moonjava, he has been harassing me. He's sent me a few messages on AIM that I ignored, and is posting really rude things about me on the site Canv.as. There's no doubt in my mind that this is him posting this stuff, even with it being posted anonymously, there’s no one else who holds any sort of grudge against me. I took screenshots of what I could, but I since had to leave for work so probably missed some of the crap he posted.

http://pics.livejournal.com/tornaderman/pic/0003zcaf Here's a link of one of the caps I got from that.

I really don't know what to do in this kind of situation, so I am just continuing to ignore him and his hateful attitude. If he had credited my work and complying with my TOS when asked politely, I wouldn't have asked for for moderator assistance to get my works edited or deleted from his gallery. I don't really want to talk to or associate with him at all, I would have let him put my art back up if he had just apologized and credited my work, but now after the impersonation, the character theft, and ridiculous amounts of harassment, honestly I just never want to hear his name ever again. His actions, especially the lying and harassment are completely uncalled for. I'm submitting this beware so hopefully it doesn't happen to anyone else, as well as a warning to be careful since he lies about characters he wants drawn, and will impersonate people to try to get art anyway.

EDIT: I got this message from him on AIM today after he found the journal.
"(4:51:40 AM) gecrux: just thought I should let you know I found the livejournal post you made about me. Im not going to harass you, but you should lay off giving out additional info in the comments unless you want to egg me on :3
(4:53:11 AM) gecrux: I suppose I should give thanks for inadvertently reminding me about my incaren account on inkbunny, though. now I can finally get back in touch with the artists that I was cut off from. the ones that don't suck, that is.
(4:54:46 AM) gecrux: anyway, have a nice night and enjoy your $300+ that you've wrenched from my fingers.
(4:55:31 AM) gecrux: and by the way, I could slander you more, but there's no point to it because it would just prove your insidious little point and make me look like the bad guy all over again."

Since this posting, I had also gotten another note from a user who I had drawn for Erk without knowing. I've apologized and taken down the work in question, though now I can't help but to worry more of these characters he claimed were his are actually other people.

A friend had also linked me to these posts from Erk regarding the situation.

I also just got this lovely comment where I have this entry re-posted on my personal journal:

Then he went and deleted and re-posted this comment:

He also posted a thread about me, after claiming he wouldn't bug me to make himself look bad, then turned around and posted the comment warning me to block him, then changing his comment around.
https://forums.vivisector.org/index.php/topic,539.0.html He also clearly admits to the impersonation of Moonjava, where he had previously denied it.

He also despises my art so much it's still his AIM icon, as I've noticed since he's still messaging me. He also is apparently still keeping me on his buddylist or checking on my status just to get an attempt to pester me it seems like.

Again, I've not said anything directly to him since the the Secondlife Drama happened where our friendship ended, aside from asking for credit before just going to a Mod on Inkbunny about the whole thing. I'm not outright trying to make things worse, most of these postings he's made about me were linked to me by friends. I'm still sticking to ignoring him since I'm sure he'll wear himself down soon enough.

I hope this is finally the end of things. I've nothing left to say to him. I'm glad I was able to give this warning, I'd hate to see anyone else have to deal with him and his actions. I hope it helps.
Tags: beware, comm-erk gloom/erk the crux

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