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Advice on Free Art Contests UPDATED: Solved

My thought on Free Art, is that it is not really owed to you. If at any point the artist says 'screw it', they kinda have that right, since they are not being paid.

However, this has come into conflict with the situation I have found.
If anyone here is a follower of Penny Inn on FA, they would occationally run contests. In these contests, an artist would offer up some form of art work and Penny Inn would run a contest for people to try to win.

Back in 2010, I entered a contest, in which there would be 3 winners, each recieving a bust shot picture from the offering artist. However, it has been nearing a year now, and there is nothing to show for this contest.

The thing is, I do not know how to procede with this, because as I said, it is free art. However, I don't know if offering through a third party contest changes that or not.

So, I took the time to send a quick message, and as it turns out, they had them saved, just not uploaded.

Thanks goes to everone who posted here, for offering advice. :)
Tags: advice for commissioners, discussion
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