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watch this space

Very Good Commissioner

Castro_Cody, (x_castro_x)- as seen on Maddness art forums, AIM, Deadjournal, and Livejournal - very fun guy to work for! He didn't know quite what he wanted at first, but he and I chatted about it for a while and came up with the perfect pic! He didn't try to fry my brain with insanely detailed character description, either. He allowed me a lot of artistic license. We worked out a good payment system and he has been EXCEEDINGLY patient with my lackage of time to work on his commish. He also paid up quickly (even though it's in Canada), the right amount of money, and he wrote me a nice letter!

If anyone else is commissioned by Cody, please go for it!

I haven't had any bad commissioners except for a local yokel who had me draw a nude and then mysteriously dissappeared when it was time to pay up. I kept the drawing, but I haven't been able to recoup anything by selling it.
Tags: positive feedback
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