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WHO: Kaytseki

WHERE: http://kaytseki.deviantart.com/

WHAT: "Support-Appreciation special commission" -- Soft Vintage Portraits - [Screenshot in case deleted]
WHEN: I sent my order in June 30th, and received it July 8th. July 8th was when problems arose.

PROOF: Agreement for commission: one, two

Conversation: one, two, three [I know screening isn't allowed, but those things I screened were from other people--I prefer my private life to be..well..private. You can see the first part of each note under the title anyway.]

Full conversation: [For proof that I didn't cut anything out. Doesn't include last part she sent me since she deleted the whole conversation and just put that.]

EXPLAIN: This is somewhat a ripoff report. [Samples were all busts and I received a headshot.] It's also of an "attitude" one too? Not too sure. I had commissioned Kaytseki for her portraits, and all samples were busts, so I expected a bust as well, yes? I received a headshot only, so when I asked her if she could do a minor change, just to fill the bottom of the headshot, she said, "LOOOOOLLL i was actually going for the vintage floating head with ribbon look but....
I really don't like this kind of stuff, but since you're the only person who's ever complained, so not like i've ever done it lol. ok i'll do it when i have time~
" The way she said, "I was going for the vintage floating head," was as if I commissioned her for an experimental. I didn't--I ordered a portrait, then later she refuses to change it. "you're the only person who's ever complained~" and that "I'll do it when I have time~" was extremely offputting since I just asked for a minor change. Afterward, the conversation blew up as you can see in the screenshots.

EDIT: Guys, it isn't soley about the, "LOOOOL," but that including the "you're the only person to ever complain," as if it's so wrong to ask why it isn't a bust. I don't understand why so many people are so focused on just how I interpreted the "LOOOL," because that was only a side factor.

Later on in the conversation, I tell her she forgot to draw the lace on the ribbons as well, since it was in the reference I gave her. She refuses to change it as well, even though I commissioned her to draw what's on the reference image.

In the end, she blocked me after sending the last message.
"1. Excuse me? I was talking about earlier, not now. Ugh, fine, you aren't mocking me, but what the hell? Replying "LOOOOL" isn't a laugh--it's a lot more than that. Anyway, it isn't just about the, "LOOOL." After that, you said, "you're the first to complain," even though I wasn't complaining. I was just asking why I didn't get a bustup like both samples you provided. Then after that, you said, "I'll do it when I have time~" as if it was a major change. It wasn't a major change. All I asked for was for the bottom of the headshot to be filled. :|
2. No, it's not changing each and every one of your pictures. We are talking about commissions here.
3. ..It's in her design. You accepted this commission, and you should be drawing it as it is in the reference.

HEY. Even if I'm a kid, I commissioned you. I paid money for you to draw for me. You can't just rip me off simply because 'I'm a kid.'
Of course, she never got it since she blocked me, so I don't have a screenshot for this.

Final Edit: Hi guys, I'm sure you know that I wrote an apology on my journal and sent a personal apology to Kaytseki. She actually accepted it, haha...I was really amazed that she was willing to after all the disgusting things I said. However, I still have to apologize to the a_b community. I'm sorry for saying that you guys insulted me, haha. You were all simply pointing out how childish I was, and while being mad/hurt, they simply seeming like insults. I guess I'm kind of asking for a_b's forgiveness..? Ah, I'm not too sure. I also deleted the journal because Kay did see it, and I prefer not getting anymore comments on it. Anyway, someone already screenshot it, so it's still on the internet, haha;;

I'd also like to thank everyone for their input! Even though I didn't reply to everyone's, I read them all and realized I was wrong.

For people that saw my conversation with Theosphir--it's gone now, along with the journal(unless people took caps of the conversation as well), I hope it didn't seem like I thought of the a_b as "bloodthirsty savages." He definitely wasn't sympathizing me, but rather just trying to get the mess solved. I definitely deserved each and every point, because as many of you said, we were both rude, but I chose to bring it out publicly. I understand that many of you don't want to have anything to do with me now, haha. That's fine, especially after the way I reacted, but I just want everyone to know that I am truly sorry. Kaytseki has forgiven me, and that's all that matters.

I also hope that no one thinks of Kaytseki as rude either. Both of us were really angry and hurt during the conversation, so I wanted to let you all know she's not actually like that.

Once again, thank you all for your input! I've definitely learned from this, and from now on, I'll be more careful when problems arise.
Tags: artist-kaytseki, resolved

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