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Two wonderings here.

Hello all! I have two slightly odd questions for you here.

1. First, I make jackets (see icon.) I have one jacket that the person made the first payment, and therefore I made the foam hood base. After that, they asked me to put their jacket on hold, as they ran into some major money troubles. This was months and months ago, and every time I think to send them a note asking if they'd like to continue, I notice a new journal of theirs outlining their money troubles, and their asking to take on commissions to help make ends meet.

While I totally am in no rush to push them to get this jacket done and out of my living space, I'm a bit concerned as to what is fair to them. I haven't contacted them yet. I'm debating on:
+ Refunding them a percentage of what they paid, and sending them the foam head.
+ Holding onto it and reminding them that I am there when they get around to it.
+ Canceling the order all together and not bothering the person beyond letting them know.

I'm concerned because they HAVE paid their first of three payments. The first part is done. I'm just... not sure what to do now, nor how to word any notes I send them. Any suggestions of any kind will be more than welcome! I don't really like the third option, as they HAVE paid, and it feels extremely dishonest.

And onto the second question.

2. I'm not very good at calculating shipping. I use the online calculator on the USPS website, and I either over-charge or under-charge for shipping. I have noticed that the self-serve kiosk and the person behind the desk will give me different charges for the same package. So, since my customers are paying shipping anyway, I was thinking of having them pay me a dollar or so for the shipping materials, and then having the package "Cash On Delivery" or "Postage Due" that way they know exactly how much their package cost to ship, and know I'm not over charging them for it.

This is NOT for commissions! This is for pre-made items. If it works, I MIGHT use it for commissions at a much later date. All I'm asking is for a feel for this idea. Do you, as a community, feel this is a backhanded, shady idea, or an honest one that might work?

I would make it very clear that the package is C.O.D. I would be making a very obvious statement concerning how shipping is handled, and not hiding it as a surprise when the package arrives. None-the-less, does this feel like an idea that works/is honest?
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