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UPDATE: Sydney Going (a.k.a. Crested Dog Studios, Furry Freak Studios)

A little update since my post on 6/17/11 ( ):

She sent two messages to me on 6/23, saying this:

"for the final time...shipping address? I am making sure I have it right for sure this time. Shipping priority and there are a few more badges in there for you. Sorry sorry sorry for the long wait."

She quickly noticed that she did have my shipping address and corrected herself:

"never mind I found it they should be on your way tomorrow."

It is now 7/5. Anthrocon and Anime Expo have passed and I have yet to get these badges.

I posted a new message, alerting her that I now want my money back, and have alerted her to the AB post I posted on 6/17.

"It has now been two weeks since you said you would send them and I have yet to get them. I am no longer interested in the badges and now want my $10 back. Please send me $10.60 (which includes the Paypal fees) back via Paypal ( [my e-mail address is here] ). Also, an "Artists Beware" post has been made about this."

I will update the issue when further developments happen.

EDIT (7/5, 7:00pm):
I received this message seven minutes after I sent her the message above:

"sorry...I will give you the money and still send the badges. Things came up.
Sorry for the inconvenience anyways."

Just got Paypal money back right now. With the fees taken out, I got $9.99 back. Yay math rounding fail on my end. We'll see if I actually get the badges or not. I don't care either way.

EDIT (8/3, 11:25am):
Of course, she didn't send the badges. I didn't really care, as I got my refund anyway. Post still stands to stay away from this artist.

EDIT (8/3, 10:15pm):
I now see that she has blocked me from messaging her. Good riddance, I say.
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