Kerstin Orion (kerstin_orion) wrote in artists_beware,
Kerstin Orion

General Advice Post: How much should I charge for my art?

It's one of the first things an artist has to consider before announcing they are available for commissions. You don't want to price yourself out of the available market, but you don't want to just give your skill, time, and materials away, either.

So how does one go about determining how much to charge? And how much to charge for each level such as sketch, inks, color, additional characters, backgrounds, etc.?

I am opening the floor to the community on this. What is your advice for artists on how to determine their prices?

If you recall someone (including yourself) making a particularly helpful comment related to this topic in a previous advice post, please link to the comment (or you can copy-paste if it's your comment originally). You can also link to entire posts that match this topic.

If you are an artist, you may link to your own prices and art as examples, if you are comfortable with that.  Be sure to specify whether you are posting your prices as examples or for advice/critique!

And if you are seeking advice about how to price your own art, comment here with a link to your gallery and proposed prices (if you have them posted already). Please be prepared for honest critique on your art's "market value" and the prices you are considering. Notice to everyone: This is not a license to go all-out on critiquing someone's gallery, just give some pointers and generalizations.

Please keep in mind that this is a first go at this type of post, so bear with us if the format changes once people start commenting. :)

EDIT:  There are many people on here asking how much to charge who would love to hear from more than just one or two people!  Feel free to make suggestions.
Tags: !mod post, advice for artists, pricing

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