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Need advice/credit card fraud beware!

This is both a beware and a call for advice. I'm a little unsure of how to handle the situation as it stands now and would greatly appreciate any input you guys could give me!

  Michael Shore/Something for Everyone Jewelry

- His facebook page for his business
- His DA for his business
- The original purchase took place at Anime USA 2010

WHAT: I bought an Utena rose crest necklace from him at Anime USA. I didn't think to save the receipt, but similar necklaces are picture prominently on his sites and I can get a quick picture of myself with it if anyone would like proof! I bought it with my credit card and nothing else happened between us at that time.

WHEN: I bought the necklace from him at Anime USA 2010, sometime in November of last year. Last month (May) I noticed that I had two charges taken out of my credit card account with his business as the recipient. There were two charges taken out and I immediately contacted my credit card company to file them as fraud. On June 8, my credit card company gave me the money that was taken out of my account back. Yesterday (June 27) I emailed Michael Shore to ask for an explanation, since I decided it was time to get moving on things. He responded back last night and this morning.

PROOF:  Like I said, I don't have the original receipt but I can take pictures of the necklace if the community would like!
- Part of my credit card statement: Here you can see the charge of $150 to Something for Everyone Jewelry and the credit that my company refunded to me.

There were two charges made to my account from Something for Everyone in May, one for $50 and one for $150. On my statement screencap you can see the charge for $150, then the following transfer of credit to a new credit card account to avoid further fraud, and the refund of both charges that were made. I decided to deal with it with my credit card company before I started anything else, but now that is over I'm opening the issue up to this community so I can get word out and get some advice.

Yesterday I decided to email Michael Shore and see if he had anything to say about the highly suspicious situation before I posted it here. The following is the email I sent him (and I also sent it to his deviantart account in case he checked one more often than the other)

I received a response only a couple hours later and this is what he said back to me:

I'm a somewhat suspicious person and wanted more information, so I emailed the following back to him:

And once again, he responded quickly!

Additionally, he left this note in reply to the note that I sent him on DA (identical to the one I emailed him originally)

While I'm willing to accept that perhaps his information was stolen, it strikes me as very odd that someone could somehow steal the money from his paypal. What do you guys think? Does it sound reasonable that someone could have carried out this heist using his information?

The other thing that really bothers me is that he hasn't notified his previous customers. It strikes me as dishonest that he is trying to save face instead of notifying people that their credit cards are likely compromised. I didn't notice the first fraudulent charge until weeks later, so I'm willing to bet at least some people haven't noticed the fraud to their cards yet. Do you guys think I should leave notes on his facebook/deviantart to warn people? I've also been considering posting on convention forums about it.

Also, before I got in touch with Michael Shore I started emailing conventions he attends about him. I had initially assumed it was him carrying out the fraud but now I'm a little unsure of where to proceed on that too.

At least I have my money back... but what should I do next?


(And I'd be glad to provide more information as necessary!)


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