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Dison- Stealing money and blocking people

The user is known as Dison on Furaffinity and m-dison on Deviantart.

On October 23rd, this person made a half price sale for digital art after constantly dropping the prices, making it seem like they were desperate for money. 5 people purchased commissions on this day.

3 of these people are people I know, twlight05, chaoman16, and regisky.

And then the artist disappeared. No updates, journals, nothing.
At first I thought maybe something was wrong. But I noticed Dison faving things on FA. After I sent a note asking if everything was alright, Dison stopped favoriting images, disappearing again.
I discovered that Dison was actively posting things on DA, so I sent an inquiry as to their whereabouts on FA. Dison never responded to my note, but clearly read it (the yellow "not yet read" symbol was no longer there)
After this note was sent, Dison posted a journal on FA claiming to be back, but once again, went completely silent afterwords.
From this point, I and a few other users have sent notes regarding our commissions. For some reason, Dison only responded to one person and completely ignored the others. Any shouts made on their page about commissions were hidden. Proving again that they are clearly still actively there, but purposefully not doing anything.

This month, I tried one more time, begging to have my commission refunded because I was not comfortable with the content (it involved a character belonging to my ex) and that I was in a horrible financial situation. I sent this request as a note on DA and a shout on both the FA and DA userpage. My post was hidden, my note was never read, and Dison blocked my account.

Here are all the screencaps I've taken to show what's going on:
The sale:

The purchase:

Notes being read but not responded to over the months:

Notice here that the last message was not read. This is because he has blocked me and chosen to ignore reading it.

Other user experiences:

Warning, this next one has a lot of angry swearing:

Hiding shouts on DA, clearly showing that he is indeed there monitoring his account actively and is ignoring commissioners. Keep in mind the dates of the other posts to understand initially when the messages were hidden:

And finally, the block. This happened after the last image's hide post, where I asked if he could please refund my money:

My biggest concern right now is that Dison is still there, and likely still accepting commissions from people. Once payed, it seems dison ignores the buyer completely. The only reason twlight05 was responded to was because he had not yet fully payed for his commission.
There are people who still don't realize this person is a thief, and I would like something to at least be done about this.

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