sharpecostumes (sharpecostumes) wrote in artists_beware,

Lost contact...

Many other people have had this issue but I'm wondering if there's anyone out there that has had RECENT contact with this artist... Has anyone talked to Fry-Fuzzmutt/Kelsey Wilson recently?

Here's the deal. I had reFURbished a rather old Qarrezel head about a year ago and posted it up on FurBuy to help pay for college funds. She came, bid, and requested a payment plan. I accepted then got to looking at her gallery. I noticed she had an awesome feline foam base for sale and offered a partial trade. Half the price for the mask and the other half for a foam base from her. She agreed excitedly and sent the first payment. We conversed a few times and I, being young and inexperienced (aka STUPID)  sent the mask on good faith... Bad idea because I never heard from her again... not a word, not a note.. My FA notes remain untouched...

I went back through and found her e-mail in hopes she still uses that particular address...

If anyone has current contact with her, can you please give aid? All I'm asking is either for her to follow through with her deal, pay the second half of what she owes, or send the head back and I will refund her what she sent me...
Tags: artist-fry-fuzzmutt, lost contact

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