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Slow Communication: Pikminlink

WHO: pikminlink


WHAT: Request for digital art. Bust of character.

Commissioned Dec 27, 2010.
Update request: Feb 8, 2011
2nd Update request: May 10, 2011
3rd Update request: June 1, 2011
Art Received: June 7, 2011
Request for modification: June 8, 2011

Complete Conversation:

Images that were linked/referenced in the original request:

Delivered Piece:

I was referred to this artist by a friend and was quite excited to see that her commissions were open. I submitted my request for commission and was given a slot and told it would be a 'couple of weeks'. Unfortunately after that the communication only happened when I started it. I do understand she has a very hectic schedule but it felt as if I was being pushed to the wayside. When I did finally receive my piece it looked a bit rushed and not quite as I had hoped. I do understand artistic licensing but there was a significant difference between my reference photographs and the final product. I did tell her, once I received it, that I loved it.. because the relief at getting the final project made me jump at giving her some feedback, however after I had time to look at the finer details I realized that it wasn't quite as I'd wanted (as example the necklace looking like it was copied from the reference photo, pasted on and then given a filter to give it a similar appearance). A message explaining this was sent to her and I'm now waiting for acknowledgment that it was even received.

Will update when further communication is received and/or issue resolved. :)

Edit: Artist has made contact and explained details satisfactorily. I consider this event closed/handled. :)
Tags: artist-pikminlink, beware, resolved
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