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I never thought I would need to post here, but such is life.

Furaffinity user LeeLee is ripping off other artists' work, including mine, and then trying to to sell it on her FA account.

Earlier today I saw this image pop up in my inbox:

She's selling these for $1-2 each. I immediately recognized the top two images as belonging to me. Here's a comparison:

She didn't ask me, nor did she give me credit in the image description. I sent her a note expressing my concern at this, and you can see my note and her reply here:

So um... she admitted it, and then apparently expects me to consider it a favor that she's done this? I'm not a hardass and I didn't want to make a big deal out of it, so my reply to her was pretty reasonable, I thought:

And so, she immediately took the image down. Apparently crediting me was too hard for her! I figured I'd just shrug it off, but a few minutes later this new image pops up in place of the old one:

This new raptor image she's using is also ripped off, this time by a well-known paleoartist named Joe Tucciarone. The image in question was published on a feathered dinosaurs poster years ago. Someone called her out on this, and she hid the comments shortly thereafter:

The submission is still up. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5974855/ Deleted now. Clearly she has not learned her lesson, as she thinks that Google is akin to "clip art search" and that she's free to use any image she comes across. Not only is she attempting to make money off these stolen images, but she's not even okay with giving credit to the artist in the description?

I'll work on getting these taken down permanently from FA soon, but first I wanted to post this here while the submission is still live. This is a warning to anyone thinking of commissioning or buying from Leelee: she has no qualms about ripping off art and apparently has no understanding of what she's doing wrong, even when it's pointed out to her.

Ok Leelee has issued a formal apology to everyone: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5976212/ ALSO Leelee sent me this note and asked me to post it so everyone could see. Yes her apology seems sincere to me so I think it's safe to say she's learned a legit lesson here.
Tags: art theft, artist-leelee/bigblueraptor/bigbluedrago, artist-leelee/sofboi, beware, resolved

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